Police-Innuvit Award
"These plaques seem to strike the illusive balance between value, worthy recognition and aesthetic appearance for dispaly in the office or at home. They hit the mark on all fronts."

Cpl. Todd Bowden
Vernon RCMP
Vernon police Logo
"We are all really impressed with the quality of the work you do and have passed on your website to other police agencies. They are such a refreshing change from the boring old wooden wall plaques - much more of a keepsake. Thanks very much!"
Oak Bay Police logo
Laura Lang
Executive Assistant
Oak Bay Policde Department

"These recognition plaques have become extremely popular with all RCMP employees in `V`Division (Nunavut). The design and mak-up of these recognition pieces are as unique as is Nunavut  Territory and as are all `V`Division employees who proudly serve inNunuvut Police Logo Canada`s far north."

S.I. (Steve) McVarnock
Commanding Officer

Vernon Police Award
Oak Bay Police Award